Unleash your Windows Dev Center data with Zapier

Made for you by User Camp

Ombudsman is a Zapier integration that sends triggers whenever new data is available in your Windows Dev Center.

It lets you do cool stuff like send your daily IAP counts to Geckoboard, get a Slack notification whenever you get a new review, or track your acquisition data in Google Drive.

It's free to use, and it's open source if you want to roll your own deployment.

1. Get your (free) User Camp API key

Enter your details below and you'll receive the User Camp API key you need to proceed by email. Do this first.

2. Set up your Azure AD

This is the step that gives you the equivalent of an API key for the Windows Store analytics API. It's annoying, but you only have to do it once.

Your Windows Developer account needs an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to proceed. It's not as bad as it sounds. Assuming you don't have one already: Read how to create a new one.

Then, create a new Azure AD application. It needs the Marketer, Finance Contributer, and Business Contributer permissions.

Make sure you note down the following items. You'll need these for Zapier (as well as your User Camp API key).

3. Head to Zapier

Click here: Join User Camp's private Ombudsman Zapier app.

Make a new Zap and set Ombudsman as your trigger. You'll be asked to provide your User Camp API key, and all of your Azure AD information, when adding the Ombudsman app.

Make sure you provide your Windows Store App ID in the trigger. This is your app's unique identifier in URLs, like 9nblggh18846.

Check our source

This project is open-source (MIT). Issues and pull requests appreciated!